Read it out lout*

Read your recipe out loud and it becomes smart. Ideal for handwritten recipes.


From a simple pic

Get your smart recipe with a simple pic. Ideal for magazines, cookbooks ...

The web

Because some recipes are on the web too. Add it with a simple url or from our companion website.

A great idea for every evening

Use the magic want to instantaneously find a great idea for tonight.

Smart shopping list

Sorted by category, date ... Shopping becomes efficient and simple.

Adjustable quantities

Say goodbye to rule of 3 !

Weight-volume conversion

It is sometimes easier to measure an ingredient with its weight equivalent or vice versa.

Powerful search

A healthy + quick + seasonal + cheap recipe + ... All combinations are possible to find the perfect match.

Include your family

To easily manage allergies or food intolerances of your children.

Meal plans

Quickly set your meal plan for the week and stop your headache.

The perfect portion*

Cook in the right amounts using our auto-adjust recipe yields feature.



For those of us who want to check their nutritional intakes.

Recommend your recipe in 1 sec

A great recipe is always a delight !

Reach your goals

Weight loss, becoming a vegetarian, muscle gain, seasonal eating ... or simple follow national food guidelines.

Treat your guests

Never serve the same meal twice to your guests !

Extra modular

Customize your food habits and preferences or even the food database with a simple barcode.

Your recipes (and you) are safe

Your recipes are backed up everyday. And unlike the vast majority of other apps, we only retrieve anonymized data.

Made in France

RecipeTank is an app designed and developed by French engineers.