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Terms and conditions of use

Conditions of service

By downloading and using our app, your accept the conditions of service detailed below.

About RecipeTank

RecipeTank is a service developed by Claire Veinière. This service is available on iOS mobile devices as the RecipeTank app, and online on www.recipe-tank.com. RecipeTank allows you to manage your recipes and to keep track of your nutritional intakes and physical activities.

Rules of service

By using our service you accept the following rules:- Our service is meant for a private usage only. No commercial usage of our service is permitted.- Your are not allowed to use our service to promote or circulate content which are against the law (including, but not restricted to, racial hatred, child pornography, ...) or are not in line with the general purpose of this app. You are entirely responsible of the content that you share.- You are not allowed to use our service to circulate advertisements or to promote commercial activities.- The sharing of recipes is restricted to your personal circle only. No spam will be tolerated. We may, at any time, restrict temporarily or definitively your access to the sharing service if we suspect abusive or harmful sharing.- If you infrige any of these rules, we may suspend your account, report your behavior to Apple or to the competent authorities.

Nutrition and health

Every advice or information given through our service are only offered for recreational and education purposes. In no circumstances can our services replace a medical advice, or the consultation of a nutritionist. We do not offer any guarantee about the informations we provide. We cannot be held accountable for any damage that would result from the usage of our services.

Intellectual property

By downloading a recipe through or recipes collection service, you acquire a non exclusive private usage right of this recipe, and the right to share it reasonably with your close entourage through the sharing functionality of the app. Any other use of this content (including, but not restricted to, commercial use), and the reproduction of this content by any other mean, is strictly prohibited. The author of the recipe keeps the full intellectual property of its content. We may at any moment restrict the possibility of sharing any given recipe.When sharing a recipe through our app, you are responsible for making sure that you own all the relevant rights to do it.The app and its content is copyright of Claire Veiniere - 2017. Except for the recipe's sharing functionality described above, the redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited.


If you have a question about our usage conditions, please get in touch with us via our contact form.

Last update:15/04/2017.