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Privacy policy

By downloading and installing our app or by using our website, you accept our privacy policy, detailed below.


Claire Veiniere 21C Buckland Crescent London, NW3 5DH United Kingdom claire88veiniere@gmail.com

Personal data collection

We do not collect any personal data in a non-anonymized way, with the exception of your email and your name, which are used to login into our website and when you share recipes through the app. Your email and names are therefore only associated with the recipes you share. We may collect, in an anonymous way, usage data from the app such as which recipes or food you consumed, your nutritional parameters (vegan, allergies, ..), your nutritional goals (weight goal, ..), along with your gender, year of birth, the number of members of your home, their genders and years of birth. These data are collected in order to improve our service, e.g. to offer more tailored recipes to our users. These data are anonymized before being sent to our servers. Your health data (weight, height, body mass index) may be integrated to and from Apple’s Health app, if you authorized it. Nutritional informations (calories and consumed nutrients) may also be integrated from the app towards Apple's Health app in the same way. You can modify these authorization at any time from the settings screen of your device.

Modification of our privacy policy

We may modify our privacy policy at any time. You will be notified of such a change by an alert in your app.


If you have any question about our privacy policy, please contact us at claire88veiniere@gmail.com.

Last update:15/04/2017.